Content Ideas for Your Marketing Videos

Why You Need Marketing Videos

But now, even if you haven’t yet created a video for your business, we hope you at least acknowledge you need to incorporate video into your marketing plan. It really doesn’t matter what your product or service is, videos will sell it better than any other form of marketing for a variety of reasons, but most importantly because video is extremely engaging, and therefore memorable. Studies show internet users remember 80 percent of the video ads they watch compare to print ads. (Do you remember the last ad you saw in a magazine or newspaper?)

Video marketing is the smartest, most affordable way to promote your business. But for a lot of business owners, knowing how important video is to brand promotion and recognition isn’t the problem—it’s coming up with video content ideas.

Video Marketing Content Ideas Are Everywhere

Many times we approach potential clients with an incredible offer to create a marketing video for them and we’re met with hesitation. It’s not because they need to be convinced of video’s value, but because they don’t have any content ideas for marketing videos. They hear the words “marketing video” and instantly think “commercial.” And if there isn’t a tangible product to sell, they aren’t sure what to do with a marketing video.

Let’s be clear on one thing: Marketing videos don’t have to “sell” anything. Sure, the end game is to have people make some sort of an investment (your business wouldn’t last very long if it wasn’t), but that doesn’t need to be front and center in your videos. In fact, it probably shouldn’t be in any of your videos. Instead, use your marketing videos to connect with people; post them on Facebook so they can be commented on and shared; Tweet them so you can humanize your business. People buy from people they like and trust, so use your marketing videos to show potential customers how likeable and trustworthy you are.

Content Ideas for Social Media and More

Whether your business is product- or serviced-based, you have a lot to say—probably more than you than you realize. Video marketing content ideas are all around you. Don’t believe us? How about these:

Demonstrations (“demos”): There’s no better way to show how a new product works than with a video demonstration. But don’t stop at one: Create a video for each feature of your product. These types of videos are perfect to share with existing and potential customers. Plus, if you post your videos on YouTube, you’ll tap an even bigger, more diverse audience.

Tips: People love to hear about the tips and tricks that other people have found to make their lives easier. What tips can you offer others that will benefit them? Make sure whatever they are, they are somehow related to your business; it will garner you huge points as an expert in your field.

Blog Content: Who says you can’t do something more than once? If you have a blog, you’ve got instant access to content ideas for marketing videos. Dive into your blog library and repurpose your old posts for new videos.

Event Invites: Do you know the perfect way to promote your upcoming live or on-line event? You guessed it: video. Paper and email invites are so passé; use video as the invite itself.

Whiteboards: What is it about whiteboard videos that is so mesmerizing? These marketing videos are fantastic for visual storytelling and all you really need to create one is a dry-erase marker and a camera. Legible handwriting is a plus.

FAQs: Are there certain questions that you field from potential customers over and over again? Post videos answering questions people most frequently ask about your business. Or, if you’ve given a presentation and took questions from the audience, use those questions as content to create a video.

Keep It Coming

A video doesn’t have to be long, nor does its content have to be elaborate. Use video to share a big announcement or simply introduce your team. Just use it, and keep using it. Create new marketing videos often to keep your website fresh and to keep you visible on social media.

Where do you get your video marketing content ideas? Tell us about it in the comment section below and be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where we frequently offer advice on marketing, video production, social media and more.

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