Affordable Video Production in Denver

Find out how affordable video production can be for your next project.
Videos engage your consumers in a way no other advertising format can.

Not only do most consumers admit that videos sway their buying decisions, but including promotional videos in your marketing strategy boosts your brand recognition and sets you apart from your competitors. Xtreme Media doesn’t just produce affordable online videos for product marketing, we give you the edge you need to make a lasting impression. Easily convert Website visits into sales by engaging your audience with videos that prove you’re an authority in the marketplace. No other form of marketing is as influential or as effective at connecting with your audience.

Video Production – Video Options

What role can videos play in your marketing strategy? Consider the value your customers will find in these:
Put the 'You' in YouTube

YouTube has more than one billion users who, collectively, watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos every single day. In fact, the number of hours that people are watching YouTube each month is up 50% year over year. You can’t afford to not be on YouTube! Position yourself as an authority with a dedicated YouTube channel featuring videos that exclusively promote your business, service, or product. We’ll help you leave a lasting impression on your YouTube audience—one that can’t be matched with display or text advertising.

You're One of a Kind

Xtreme Media takes care of every aspect of video production, from the planning phase through to posting online. Every one of our videos is as unique as you are, and we will make sure your videos attract as many viewers as possible by titling and tagging them so that they rank high in search engines and in YouTube. Xtreme Media can also help you share your company’s story with a corporate or trade show video. Never underestimate the power video has to connect with your customers. By getting a glimpse at the people behind the business, it’s easier for people to develop a relationship with you and your brand. Graphs and figures are easier to digest when they’re presented in a video format, too.

Save Your Money

A training video by Xtreme Media saves your business time and resources. It’s easy to bring your new employees up to speed by providing them with a professional training video that highlights your company’s policies and expectations, as well as industry rules and regulations. Using a training video eliminates the need to pull other employees away from their jobs to train new recruits. And if you’re business is growing and staff levels are increasing, that’s a lot of valuable time saved. Now is the time to use the power of video production to drive your company forward. Call Xtreme Media today and see how you can use video to multiply your sales and increase your bottom line.