What Is Video Marketing

What is an Online Video Marketing Strategy?

Video Marketing incorporates video into all of your online marketing strategies. Video marketing is when you use video to promote your brand, your products and your business online. When you add video to your business website: Your website traffic triples. Your retention rates multiply and you convert more visitors into new customers.
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Smart Business owners are already seizing this huge opportunity and are experiencing massive growth, by implementing our small business extreme video marketing strategies
Mike and John both own their own custom cabinet business in Denver, Colorado and advertise online, on the radio and in the yellow pages. They both have created great websites, but lately Mike’s website traffic has flat lined, while traffic to John’ website has multiplied, and monthly visitors to his site have tripled. Whenever someone does a local Google search in Denver for “custom cabinets” John’s website is now ranking at the top of the Google search results, because he is using extreme video marketing to get his website ranked on Google.
When you add video to your website, whenever anyone searches for you with your keywords, your website will appear in the results with a video thumbnail, giving your prospective new customer two options, click and watch, or click and read. All of the new data supports, that whenever this customer is faced with these two options, 90% of the time they will click on the website that has video. Video will attract, retain and convert new visitors to your website into new customers.