Why Using Video is So Important In Your Business

In 2015, Multimedia will continue to be king everywhere – in public and private, for corporations and government agencies, for small businesses and charities, for groups of whatever persuasion and for individuals.
Video is one of the most important driving parts of this multimedia experience. Although pictures are more easily accessible by viewers, video is more directly engaging and immediately persuasive. It will continue to grow explosively. Now we are really big fans of video, we love watching video! And you’re probably used to watching it too. But have you ever considered using video marketing as a tool to put your product, service or even yourself on the fast track to success? Listen up because video might just do that.

Video Has Changed The World

First of all, we want you to understand how online video has changed the world. We all know that it’s human nature to do the easiest thing. “We all like to watch” For example, let’s take an average person, and tell him or her to either read an article on a subject or watch a video. Do you honestly think that person is going to read the article before watching the video? It’s obvious that the person will watch the video, and there is a slight chance he or she might read the article.
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Why Read When You Can Watch a Video

Now we’re not saying that all people will watch a video instead of read an article. But if they do choose to read, they’re usually the ones who can’t even figure out how to watch the video. Most people who use the Internet watch online video, so let’s focus on them. If you’re selling a product or service… THIS IS YOUR CUSTOMER! To prove that your prospects watch online video

YouTube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine

Around 2005, the first video was uploaded to YouTube, which is where you normally go to watch online video… right? Well today, YouTube averages around 1 billion hits per day. So, about a sixth of the world’s population watches online video on a daily basis. Point is… people like video! They much rather watch than read. So online video is everywhere, but how can it speed up your success? Well, online video marketing makes money almost everywhere it is.

You can profit from online video by using it to…

Attract traffic to your website and generate leads for your business. • Increase the conversion rates of almost any offer you make to your leads. • Serve your educational content, or to teach. • Build a deeper relationship with your prospects so they can become loyal customers. What does this mean to the general public – be they businesses, charities, artists, voluntary organizations, whoever you can think of who wants to promote something to the public at large, to a small, targeted section of the public, or even to a closed group? It meansVideo Marketing is crucial in this very competitive world.