Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know

Your Business Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

With each passing year, video is transforming the marketing world more and more. Today’s consumer prefers to learn and understand through video because it’s quick, it’s entertaining, and it’s demonstrative. Why spend hours reading about a product or service when you can spend minutes watching a video about it?

So if you’re still in the planning stages of a video marketing strategy for your business, you’re already late to the game and you need to catch up. Fast.

Video Marketing Stats Don’t Lie

As a business owner, it’s important to know how and where your customers and getting their information. Are they on Facebook or Instagram? What are they looking for on YouTube? You might be surprised to find out just how many people turn to social media to investigate your products and services. And the Number 1 thing they expect to find when they get there is video: Videos that demonstrate your product; videos that prove your service will solve their problem; videos that will help them troubleshoot or somehow make their lives easier.

Are you still on the fence about starting a YouTube channel or adding videos to your marketing strategy? Check out the infographic we’ve put together to illustrate just how much video people are consuming.

video marketing stats

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