Why Quality Audio Is So Important to Your Marketing Video

High-Quality Audio Stands Out

Video is one of the best ways to market your products and services because it’s easy for viewers to consume and understand, and it’s versatile. Quality audio is a key element of any well-crafted marketing video—just as important as content and good lighting—and yet there are still so many people creating videos with poor audio quality.

Video is now the most effective way to promote your business, thanks in large part to smartphones that allow you to access videos on the fly from just about anywhere. And when done properly, video content marketing is just as effective at promoting your business as it is at promoting you as an expert in what your business does.

With that kind of influence, it’s worth the effort to ensure your marketing videos are carefully planned and that the technical elements of it are well thought out. Quality audio goes right to the top of the list. Ask any video production company and they’ll tell you poor audio quality can ruin an otherwise perfect marketing video

Quality Audio Can Be More Important Than Visual Quality

Like any video, marketing videos have two main components: picture and sound. Obviously you need both to produce a proper marketing video, but most people think it’s the visual aspect that’s the most important. In fact, it’s the other way around.

Quality audio is significantly more vital than the visual components of a video. That’s not to say you should neglect your video’s picture quality, but achieving good quality audio can actually keep your viewer’s interest even if the picture they’re seeing isn’t very good.

Video content marketing studies have shown that viewers will react negatively to a video with poor audio quality, even if the visuals are phenomenal. Think about it: If your marketing video features you talking to the camera—to announce a new service your company will soon offer, for example—there isn’t much to see. Without quality audio, the viewer won’t know what you’re saying, and the video is therefore of no value to them.

Why would they watch it?

Even if there is lots to see, and your video features amazing images but no (or poor) sound, there’s no connection between what the viewer is seeing and what you want them to know unless your graphics also include text. No one’s going to hang around to watch a video they can’t understand.

So here’s the rule: Make sure your videos are accompanied by quality audio. It can make up for less-than-stellar picture quality.

Quality Audio Sells

While beautiful, well-staged photos and videos can help sell your product, in video content marketing, it’s having quality audio in your videos that will help you sell even more.

Imagine your website features video testimonials from customers who are thrilled to talk about how amazing your product is. If viewers are struggling to hear those reviews because of poor audio quality, they’re useless.

If people are raving about your products and you’re lucky enough to have those reviews on video, make sure they’re crystal clear. Ask your reviewers to wear a microphone or—at the very least—eliminate any outside noise that can negatively affect the audio quality.

When it comes to effective video content marketing, make the experience as easy as possible for the consumer. If someone has to strain their hearing to figure out what’s being said, chances are they’re going to click off the page and never look back.

Audio Makes Your Video Content Marketing Intimate

The audio that accompanies video has the all-important job of addressing your audience. Your audio voice-overs? That’s how you speak directly to your viewer, making him or her feel like you’ve made this marketing video specifically for them.

When done right, audio can make the customer feel valued and important. What’s the point of writing a spectacular script if the video’s audio quality is so poor that no one can even make out what’s being said?

Fighting to hear a muffled, echoey, or otherwise inaudible video isn’t going to help sell your products, and it will make absolutely no connection with your audience. The person watching your video is the most important person; make sure they can hear what you’re saying to them perfectly.

Audio is Easy

How often do you have the TV or radio on for background noise? Maybe you do right now. And even though you’re not seeing anything associated with that background noise—and maybe not even paying attention to what you’re hearing—it still manages to worm its way into your brain.

Good video production companies understand the value of audio as a means to reach customers even when they’re not watching. People can listen to something while doing pretty much anything else, but watching a video requires their undivided attention. For most people, time is at a premium and dropping everything to watch a video is a luxury busy people can’t afford. When your video features good quality audio, there’s a better chance your customers will still hear your message, even if they take their eyes off the screen.

Professional Video Production Company Audio Top Tips

To achieve top quality audio, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you can, invest in quality equipment and consult with an audio genius to help you. You don’t have to do it all at once; plan to purchase the equipment you need the most first. Gadgets are great to have, but not always vital.
  • Monitor your video’s audio quality while you’re recording, not just after you’ve wrapped it up.
  • Choose your filming location wisely. Turn off any unnecessary electrical equipment, close the windows and make sure no one is talking in the background. Minimize distractions and interference with the audio.
  • Everyone speaks differently, so check the frequencies and audio levels before you start recording to make sure it’s not too quiet or loud.
  • When editing your video, double-check that the audio syncs with the visual components and mark the audio points to make editing easier.
  • Work with people who know what they’re talking about and are just as committed to achieving amazing quality audio as you are.
  • Using a handheld or a lapel mic is better than using the internal microphone on your laptop to pick up the audio. Remember that any electronic equipment is going to cause interference, so keep it to a minimum.

Video content marketing can help increase your sales and boost your brand when it’s done correctly. There’s no value in chucking something out there just to see what happens; your marketing videos need to be carefully planned and well thought out.

If you’ll be producing a marketing video in the near future to sell your products or services, achieving quality audio should be a top priority.

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  1. Poor quality audio while marketing a product is just a big NO. it cast a huge shadow on the image of the company. Even though you are marketing your product via videos, how would people hear about your products if the audio quality is really bad? thanks a lot for the post, it was quite informative.

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